Outpatient Counselor

Jasmine Woods is an experienced Therapist in the Central Virginia area. She is originally from Hampton Roads, VA, making her way to RVA through her post-secondary schooling. She attended Virginia State University, where she obtained her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Masters in Counseling. She holds a graduate degree in School Counseling, as well as Community (Clinical) Counseling.
Throughout her nine years in the field, Ms. Woods has gained tremendous experience serving clients. From working within a residential facility with children to servicing adults with mental health concerns, she has been able to apply a plethora of clinical modalities and orientations. She has also been trained in Trauma-Informed Care, completing Bio-Psychosocial assessments and Diagnostics using the DSM-V, and is well versed in incorporating ACEs information in her work.
Ms. Woods has engaged patients through Intensive In-Home
counseling, Therapeutic Day Treatment counseling, Crisis Intervention, and Partial Hospitalization. She has recently completed her Residency in Counseling to become a Licensed Professional Counselor, where she is awaiting board approval for Licensing.