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Counseling & Coaching Services


Safe one-on-one sessions to explore who you are and how you can create new possibilities

Joint sessions to help you and your partner resolve underlying problems and increase intimacy

Joint sessions for for loved ones who want to reduce conflict and improve communication

Meet together with likeminded individuals to reduce isolation and increase relatedness


Therapy Session


Do you feel sad or anxious a lot of the time? Are you confused about your next steps in life? Are you grieving the loss of someone important to you? Do you struggle to understand why you feel good for periods of time but always end up back in that familiar stuck place? Maybe you simply want to get to know yourself better? Whatever the reason, Individual Therapy can help!

What Is Individual Therapy?

Individual therapy is the most common form of counseling. You’ll meet regularly one-on-one with a reliable and relatable therapist to explore your feelings, early life experiences, and any personal difficulties you are currently facing. Individual therapy is a unique process that can support you in the areas of your life where you feel stuck and increase your understanding of the way you engage with the world and with yourself. Individual counseling can assist you in developing insight into patterns creating difficulties in your life. Deeper self-knowledge promotes healing, self-esteem, professional development, and can help you move on from what’s been holding you back.

Couples Therapy


Are you and your partner having the same fights over and over? Do you worry it might be too late to save your marriage? Could you use some help thinking through important decisions like whether or not to have kids? Do you and your partner have different hopes and desires for the future? Are you struggling to heal after one of you lied or cheated? Whatever your relationship needs, Couples Therapy can help!

What Is Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy is joint counseling for you and your romantic partner. The therapist sees both partners together in order to facilitate healthy communication and to identify harmful patterns of relating in the relationship. Working together with a therapist will help both of you gain a deeper understanding of what the other is going through and to learn to share responsibility for your relationship. If you are experiencing confusion and tension in your relationship, are having issues related to sex, intimacy and fidelity, or would like to deepen your connection to your partner, couples counseling might be right for you.

Family Quality Time


Does your family have difficulty communicating? Have family secrets and traumas prevented you from being closer with your siblings? Do old arguments spring up every time you’re together? Whatever the reasons for your family strain, Family Therapy can help!

What Is Family Therapy?

Family Therapy is a unique opportunity for family members to meet together with a skilled and professional therapist to talk through issues creating stress, tension and distance. Families are an important source of support and love. When misunderstanding and disagreement goes unaddressed, frustration and tension pushes families apart. Our trained team will help your family explore your unique history and identify troublesome family dynamics to get you back on track. Siblings or parent and child dyads are welcome. All participants must be ages 18+. If you and your family members are experiencing complicated family dynamics and feel they are impacting your ability to be loving to one another, then family therapy at Health in Mind might be right for you.

Support Group


Do you feel like you’re the only one struggling while others seem to thrive? Are you lonely and isolated from those around you? Do you want to learn new skills to connect to others with an open heart? Could you benefit from feedback about how others experience you? Would you like to build a community of people going through the same things you’re going through? Whatever your reason for seeking support, Group Therapy can help.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is unique because you and a small group of people struggling with similar issues get to meet with a therapist together. This provides an opportunity to not only share your experience, but to hear others’ as well. Group therapy is also a great way to receive gentle feedback in ways that individual therapy does not offer. Group therapy aims to reduce isolation and increase relatedness. Helping others is a powerful way to heal the self. Being part of a group therapy can make you feel less alone and help you feel more connected to others in your city.

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