Parenting Classes

Group Counseling

Self Care Retreats

Six-session parenting program using Positive Discipline, based on the work of Alfred Adler. Classes aim to improve communication, mutual respect, avoid power struggles, and helping children to learn self discipline and control. Each session is two hours; Cost includes all materials.

Treatment planning aimed to support a variety of parenting needs; from housing, employment, and stabilization to parenting technique development and boundary setting. This service is ideal for parents with Social Service involvement and/or parents with children transitioning back into the home. Minimum of 5 hours per week.

This retreat is aimed to combat parental burnout and promote revival of energy and awareness of parents’ needs as individuals. Retreat curriculum is developed on the principle that effective parenting requires the use of the whole self and emphasizes the importance of mind body connection. Half Day and Whole Day retreats available; cost includes materials.